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I want the three of you to know that every time I leave one of your events I feel so happy about our decision to move to Hayes Barton Place. Every person comes to a place like Hayes Barton Place for a different reason.  Whether people are aging and want the security of knowing they will be cared for as long as they need it, or there may be people like us that are looking forward to the lifestyle and embracing everything a place like Hayes Barton has to offer. One thing that has impressed me about Liberty Senior Living is that there are so many different facilities that it makes it easy to share ideas among communities.

Sharon M.

Myth Busters for Senior Living

We all know that there are “Myths” that have been around for many years. Residents are eager to share first-hand experiences to “bust” those misconceptions. Listen to what residents are saying about what life is a like at a Liberty Senior Living community .

Myth #1 and #2 : No Friends and Nothing to Do

Myth #3 and #4: No Independence and the Food is Terrible

Hayes Barton Place Neighborhood Design Center

2010 Fairview Road
Raleigh, NC 27608


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